Ends on December 15, 2019

The Los Angeles Times recently merged its Graphics and Data Visualization Department and Data Desk but will continue to have separate internships in this digital space, with slightly different roles: one focuses on breaking news, front-end development and print graphics. The second concentrates on databases and back-end and project development.  

There is a single application for both internships with our newly formed Data and Graphics Department.

GRAPHICS/DATA VIZ: Our expanding team is on a mission to add diverse skills to our storytelling arsenal, including rich JavaScript visualizations, innovative motion graphics and games — all running on multiple types of devices. And that’s just the start. We’re also preparing for the future by experimenting in WebGL and VR. While the department is expected to produce the basics (maps, charts, etc.) and use common apps, we are looking for teammates that know where they want to specialize. Our list includes:

  • WebGL (three.js, etc.)
  • Javascript (D3. etc.)
  • Animation
  • Python
  • Data analysis
  • Innovative mapping

This is no coffee-fetching internship. You will learn the finer points of mapping and charting as you work your way through multiple assignments. Your experience will culminate in a final, portfolio-worthy project that you conceive of, report and produce.

DATA DESK: Within the larger department is a team of reporters and computer programmers that works with journalists in The Times’ newsroom to collect, organize, analyze and present large amounts of information. In short, we use data to find and tell stories. Stories that make a difference. Stories that otherwise would not be told. We are seeking an applicant with interest and experience doing the same. Our team is responsible for the full development stack from:

We don’t expect anyone to walk in the door with all of those skills. But strong applicants will demonstrate having used one or more to be creative and get things done on deadline. 

We are also passionate about open-source software and hope you are too. You can find examples of our approach on GitHub. Keep up with our latest releases by following @LATdatadesk.

Past interns who have worked with our team have gone on to successful careers working with data at the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Associated Press, Pro Publica, Vox Media, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and Factual.

Who is qualified?  

Our internships are for students who have not worked professionally as staff journalists.  Applicants must be actively working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree and must be eligible to work in the U.S. Graduates may qualify if you've finished school within six months of the start of the internship.  

How can I apply?  Submit a cover letter; resume with three references; one-page personal essay; and links to up to 10 work samples and your GitHub account, if available. There is no prompt for the essay.  

When's the deadline?  Dec. 15 for the summer 2020 placement